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Click on a thumbnail picture  below to view a bigger picture of it along with the price of each golf ball display and  its specifications/description.

Our displays are made out of 1/2" thick black acrylic with polished edges unless otherwise stated.  Oak or expanded PVC are optional.   


Our new products raise the industry standard:


  • Our displays take up less wall or desk space.

  • The ball cradles minimize rotation of the ball due to surface vibrations.

  • Balls are easy to put in or take out.

  • Flexible ball shelves accept all sizes of golf balls.

  • Our displays are art; hence, conversation pieces!



Comparisons and information about the innovative ball shelf concept
Wall Displays
Desktop or Table Displays
Table Displays
Custom Logo Desktop Displays
Desk Displays
Rectangular Wall Displays
Wall Display
Large Capacity Wall Displays
Wall Displays
Custom Wall Displays
Wall Displays